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Less telephone calls or time-consuming preparation and more flexibility – that’s what we owe to OneStop Pro. With OneStop Pro we have all the essential information at our fingertips.

Thomas Dengler

Team Leader Corporate Development, Josef Rädlinger Unternehmensgruppe

I have worked with many different management systems. For me, OneStop Pro is really refreshing, contemporary, clear and self-explanatory. That’s what makes it interesting to us.

Danilo Rechenberger

Warehouse logistics manager, BUG Verkehrsbau SE

I spent a long time looking for a tool management software solution that would allow me to manage everything from small tools to large machines in a single package.

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Dick

Chief Executive Officer, AS-Bau Hof


I had been looking for the right software for years!

Martin Sommer

Chief Executive Officer, Sommer Tiefbau

OneStop Pro gives us improved, more flexible fleet planning.

Daniel Diermeier

Chief Executive Officer, Diermeier Transporte/Bau

For us, OneStop Pro is the perfect platform for managing our machines and vehicles, regardless of manufacturer, and maintaining an overview of where they are.

Thomas Schüssler

Head of fleet management and purchasing, Weigand Bau GmbH

For us, OneStop Pro means quickly bringing together all the relevant data required by the company’s senior management team, fleet management department, scheduling department and workshop.

Natalie Schätzlein

Würzburger Pflasterbau

OneStop Pro enables us to work even more intelligently and helps our company save time and costs.

Sabrina Kaleta

Meyer Erdbau

In OneStop Pro we have already stored the majority of our machines and devices which enables us to obtain an inventory overview and a list of all maintenance and inspection work with their respective due dates.

Michael Schweiger

Workshop manager, Schweiger Straßenbau

It’s a huge advantage that OneStop Pro gives you digital access to all the different elements of a construction project. Not just when you are in the office, but on-site as well.

Ralf Nötzel

Operations manager, VKLT West GmbH

Thanks to OneStop Pro, we shall in future be able to make better use of our telematics data. We are able to bundle the operating hours of machines and devices automatically in one system.

Christoph Lehnen

Chief Executive Officer, Unternehmensgruppe Lehnen

For me, OneStop Pro is an innovative solution that is constantly being further developed to meet customers’ requirements. Service and support are just as important as the functions of a software package. OneStop Pro is absolutely the right product for me.

Maximilian Gaissmaier

Site and workshop manager, Gaissmaier GartenLandschaft


We were looking for an innovative expert partner to enable us to press ahead with digitalization.

Fritz Jakob

Head of asphalt construction, civil engineering and road building, Karl Bachl Hoch- und Tiefbau

The mountain of paperwork associated with our vehicles and machines has been replaced by a clear system. The workshop, scheduling department and office can now access all the relevant information with a few clicks.

Manuel Schmidt

BWR Schermbeck

After a quick look at the reports, you can make statements about productivity. Our tool files are now digital! We are learning a lot from OneStop Pro in this area.

Markus Thies und Katharina Huber-Thies

Firmengruppe Wolf-Thies

OneStop Pro gives all our staff access to the most important data on the whole fleet, together with the associated documents.

Schick Group

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