We help construction companies
to digitise their processes
in order to have more time
for the important things.

C O N S T R U C T I O N   S O F T W A R E

OneStop Pro® – the ideal software solution

Simplify your business with our multiple award-winning construction software for brand- and manufacturer-independent management, deployment and evaluation of all machines, tools, vehicles, people and other resources.

Machine and tool

Any user can manage machines, tools and other resources.

Telematics and
live data

Get live information regardless of the manufacturer involved.

and deployment

Deploy your resources by clicking to projects, building sites or storage facilities with a single click.

Maintenance and
inspection management

Keep track of all maintenance appointments and inspections.

happy customers

registered users

construction sites

How does OneStop Pro help in your everyday work?

We have the answers to the questions:
WHO has what?
WHERE is what?
WHAT do I have?
HOW MUCH of it do I have?
WHEN is what due?

What our customers say

It is impossible to imagine everyday work without OneStop Pro. We have a very big advantage in that we have everything from the construction site at a glance thanks to transport scheduling.

Michael Stich

Fleet Manager and Senior Dispatcher, Penzkofer Bau

Less telephone calls or time-consuming preparation and more flexibility – that’s what we owe to OneStop Pro. With OneStop Pro we have all the essential information at our fingertips.

Thomas Dengler

Team Leader Corporate Development, Josef Rädlinger Unternehmensgruppe

For me, OneStop Pro is an innovative solution that is constantly being further developed to meet customers’ requirements. Service and support are just as important as the functions of a software package. OneStop Pro is absolutely the right product for me.
Maximilian Gaissmaier

Site and workshop manager, Gaissmaier GartenLandschaft

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