OneStop Pro

Construction Software Made in Germany

OneStop Pro – the ideal software solution

Simplify your business with our multiple award-winning construction software for brand- and manufacturer-independent management, deployment and evaluation of all machines, tools, vehicles, people and other resources.

OneStop Pro offers a simple solution for the following:

Any user can manage machines, tools and other resources.

Get live information regardless of the manufacturer involved.

Deploy your resources by clicking to projects, building sites or storage facilities with a single click.


Keep track of all maintenance appointments and inspections.

Here is an explanation of our construction software that will take up less than two and a half minutes of your time:

OneStop Pro is the perfect solution for you.

Select the right product for your particular situation and requirements.

OneStop Pro Produktbild Go


The entry-level product

OneStop Pro Produktbild Telematics


Locations and live information

OneStop Pro Produktbild Business


More functions and benefits

OneStop Pro Produktbild All-Inclusive


Includes absolutely everything

OneStop Pro is used by …

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