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OneStop Pro – the ideal software solution

OneStop Pro is a multiple award-winning construction software for brand- and manufacturer-independent management, deployment and evaluation of all machines, tools, vehicles, people and other resources.



OneStop Pro offers a simple solution for the following:

Any user can manage machines, tools and other resources.

Get live information regardless of the manufacturer involved.

Deploy your resources to projects, building sites or storage facilities with a single click.


Keep track of all maintenance appointments and inspections.

Here is an explanation of our construction software that will take up less than two and a half minutes of your time:

OneStop Pro is the perfect solution for you.

Select the right product for your particular situation and requirements.

OneStop Pro Produktbild Go


The entry-level product

OneStop Pro Produktbild Telematics


Locations and live information

OneStop Pro Produktbild Business


More functions and benefits

OneStop Pro Produktbild All-Inclusive


Includes absolutely everything

OneStop Pro is used by …

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You might find the answers already in our FAQs.

Here the two most frequently asked questions from potential OneStop Pro customers.

For which companies is OneStop Pro a good option, and how big do they have to be to reap the benefits?

OneStop Pro is essentially designed for business users, primarily from the construction industry and related sectors, gardening and landscaping, logistics, construction yards, contractors and many others – any company that uses or deploys multiple vehicles, machines, tools, inventory or personnel.

What technical requirements have to be met?

OneStop Pro is a cloud-based web application that you can use with any PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet. You need an Internet connection and a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox.