Product Go!

Go! – the entry-level product

Go! is the easy way to embark on digitalization.
You can get started easily and effortlessly at any time and thus gain valuable time for the really important things.

Functions and features of Go!

Product Go!    Brand- and manufacturer-independent overview of all machines, tools and vehicles

Product Go!    Time- and location-independent access to information

Product Go!    Digital machine and tool files with information on hours of operation, documents, instruction manuals, images and history

Product Go!    Planning wizard for maintenance and inspection processes

The benefits of using Go!

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Go! Service features

When you purchase the OneStop Pro product Go!, all service features are included:

  • Hotline
  • Email support
  • Updates
  • Secure data processing in Germany

Go! Corporate license

You receive a corporate license.

  • A single price for all users
  • The number of users is freely selectable.
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Any questions?

If so, just get in touch.
The OneStop Pro team is always happy to help.



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    Customer voices

    Would you like to know how other companies are using OneStop Pro Go!?
    We have collected testimonials for you that indicate what it is like working with our software on a day-to-day basis.

    In OneStop Pro we have already stored the majority of our machines and devices which enables us to obtain an inventory overview and a list of all maintenance and inspection work with their respective due dates.

    Michael Schweiger

    Workshop manager, Schweiger Straßenbau

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