Deployment with OneStop Pro


Unwieldy Excel lists and physical planning boards on the wall are now things of the past thanks to OneStop Pro.

OneStop Pro allows you to deploy all your resources (from machines, tools and vehicles to bulk items and personnel) easily from your computer – or even your mobile device. Once you have created specific projects (building sites, storage facilities, etc.), you can get down to deploying your resources digitally.

·        All projects can be displayed clearly in a list or map format at the touch of a button.

·        You can see immediately which resources are available and which are already planned in.

·        It is possible to allocate responsibilities, project addresses and cost centers.

·        OneStop Pro also provides a traceable history of deployments and projects.

·        You can plan for the future and view the past. For example, you can check what was deployed in project Y at time X.

The deployment function is available in the following products:

OneStop Pro Produktbild Business


More functions – greater benefits

OneStop Pro Produktbild All-Inclusive


Includes absolutely everything

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