Product All-Inclusive


Includes absolutely everything

OneStop Pro All-Inclusive provides all the benefits of OneStop Pro in a single application. All the different functions are meshed together perfectly, delivering significant added value that gives a digital boost to your day-to-day business activities.

Functions and features of All-Inclusive

Product All-Inclusive    Brand- and manufacturer-independent overview of all machines, tools and vehicles

Product All-Inclusive    Uniform, manufacturer-independent data presentation

Product All-Inclusive    Digital machine and tool files with information on hours of operation, documents, instruction manuals, images and history

Product All-Inclusive    Simple management of machines, tools, bulk items and other resources

Product All-Inclusive    Overview of locations, movements and live machine data

Product All-Inclusive    Deployment of machines, vehicles, tools and bulk items

Product All-Inclusive    Predefined reports and custom analyses on request

Product All-Inclusive    Time- and location-independent access to information

Product All-Inclusive    Planning wizard for maintenance and inspection processes

Product All-Inclusive    Connection of new and existing telematics systems

Product All-Inclusive    Theft protection by means of geofences

Product All-Inclusive    Digital planning board

Product All-Inclusive    Clear presentation of costs

Product All-Inclusive    Definition and allocation of individual roles

The benefits of using All-Inclusive

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When you purchase OneStop Pro All-Inclusive, you receive a customer-oriented solution from a proficient, reliable partner that has won multiple awards.

Go! Service features

When you purchase the OneStop Pro product Go!, all service features are included:

  • Hotline
  • Email support
  • Updates
  • Secure data processing in Germany

All-Inclusive corporate license

You receive a corporate license.

  • A single price for all users
  • The number of users is freely selectable.
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