OneStop Pro rollout: simple, quick and effortless.

You roll out OneStop Pro in your company in stages, based on a concrete rollout scenario. We listen carefully to you to get a proper understanding of your requirements.

Based on what you tell us, our experts prepare a quotation that includes the most suitable product for you, and together we create a roadmap for the rollout.

We support you right from the start with the rollout of OneStop Pro. A simple, quick, effortless rollout is thus ensured. If required, you also get a training concept to make sure that everyone involved can work with OneStop efficiently straight away.  

We will of course be ready to advise you after the successful rollout of OneStop Pro as well.



  • Ascertainment of customer’s initial situation
  • Definition of objectives
  • Identification and stipulation of requirements
  • Proposal for project planning


  • Technical concept
  • Data acquisition concept
  • Training concept
  • Project plan and roadmap
  • Proposal for implementation


  • Customization and provision of technology
  • Provision of training
  • Support/assistance in the initial phase


  • Provision of support

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