Machine and tool management

Machine and tool management with OneStop Pro


OneStop Pro allows you to easily manage all resources (e.g. machines, tools, vehicles and bulk items) digitally regardless of their manufacturers.

When you use OneStop Pro …

·       You can digitalize machine and tool files: Important documents such as invoices, operating manuals or inspection reports can be uploaded at any time and assigned to the correct tool or machine.

·      You have a history of all your resources. This provides a comprehensive overview of all deployments, costs and so on and enables seamless documentation and traceability.

·       Find important information easily and quickly: A smart search function helps you find what you are looking for immediately.

·       You can display all resources in clear list and map views.

·       You can make adjustments or changes to your resources at any time.

·       Locate machines, tools and bulk items at any time using your smartphone or tablet and QR codes, and assign them to specific projects, building sites or employees.

Machine and tool management is the cornerstone of our software solution.


Consequently, you will find this functionality in every OneStop Pro product.

OneStop Pro Produktbild Go


The entry-level product

OneStop Pro Produktbild Telematics


Locations and live information

OneStop Pro Produktbild Business


More functions and benefits

OneStop Pro Produktbild All-Inclusive


Includes absolutely everything

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Machine and tool management

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