Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about OneStop Pro:


For which companies is OneStop Pro a good option, and how big do they have to be to reap the benefits? 

OneStop Pro is essentially designed for business users, primarily from the construction industry and related sectors, gardening and landscaping, logistics, construction yards, contractors and many others – any company that uses or deploys multiple vehicles, machines, tools, inventory or personnel.

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What can I manage with OneStop Pro?

OneStop Pro allows you to manage all your resources. A resource can be anything (machines, tools, vehicles, personnel or bulk items such as construction fences, power outlets or ladders).

Can I map out my organizational and company structure in OneStop Pro?

Yes. With OneStop Pro you can map out unique hierarchies. That means you can show affiliated companies, subsidiaries and sub-organizations in OneStop Pro and work with access and display levels. You decide who may, can or must see what.

How do I get access to OneStop Pro?

You can use the login button on the OneStop Pro home page (www.onestop-pro.com) to log in using your personal login details.

Data protection


Where is my data stored?

It is very important to us that your data is stored and processed properly (and exclusively for the purpose you intend). Your data is stored (hosted) in a secure computer center in Germany. All statutory data protection provisions are thus complied with.



What does OneStop Pro cost?

The costs depend on the number of resources you want to manage in OneStop Pro and on which product you choose.

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Technical requirements


What technical requirements have to be met?

OneStop Pro is a cloud-based web application that you can use with any PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet. You need an Internet connection and a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox.  

Are there regular software updates for my OneStop Pro?

OneStop Pro is constantly being further developed for you. We make free software updates available to you at regular intervals. We proactively notify you about upcoming updates and provide you with information on what has been improved and what new functions have been added to the update.


Any questions?

We are always here for you, digitally or in person.


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