Automated equipment tracking

With OneStop Pro, users always get an answer to the question: “Where is what?”

Whether they’re looking for construction machinery or equipment, vehicles, attachments or containers, ANY piece of equipment can be tracked automatically and cost-efficiently using Bluetooth trackers combined with the retrofitted telematics and plug-and-play OBD connectors from OneStop Pro.

Leverage the benefits of automated equipment tracking

  No more searching high and low
  No more inconvenient phone calls
  No more confusing lists and magnetic boards
  Makes life noticeably easier for staff
  Clear, manufacturer-independent display available at the touch of a button
  An end to unnecessary investments in new equipment thanks to greater transparency

OneStop Pro Kartenansicht Telematik Equipment-Tracking
OSP Bluetooth-Tracker für automatisiertes Equipment-Tracking

Technical specifications

Type: Bluetooth Low Energy

Dimensions: 56 x 54 x 21.3 mm

Temperature: – 40°C + 85°C

Range: 100 m

Service life: up to ten years*

*Depending on handling, weather conditions, etc.

How it works

The Bluetooth trackers from OneStop Pro are the centrepiece of its automated equipment tracking. They are simply screwed or stuck onto the equipment to be tracked and then send regular signals to the gateways via Bluetooth. There is no monthly fee for using OneStop Pro’s Bluetooth trackers, making them an extremely cost-effective investment.

Automated equipment tracking comes with the following products:

OneStop Pro Produktbild Go / Equipment-Tracking


Locations and live information

OneStop Pro Produktbild Go


Simply includes everything!

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